Packages that involve analyzing network traffic.

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BlackArch sniffer
Name Version Description Homepage
bettercap 2.10 Swiss army knife for network attacks and monitoring
bittwist 2.0 A simple yet powerful libpcap-based Ethernet packet generator. It is designed to complement tcpdump, which by itself has done a great job at capturing network traffic.
cdpsnarf 0.1.6 Cisco discovery protocol sniffer.
creds 17.1ec8297 Harvest FTP/POP/IMAP/HTTP/IRC credentials along with interesting data from each of the protocols.
darkstat 3.0.719 Network statistics gatherer (packet sniffer)
dsniff 2.4b1 Collection of tools for network auditing and penetration testing
eigrp-tools 0.1 This is a custom EIGRP packet generator and sniffer developed to test the security and overall operation quality of this brilliant Cisco routing protocol.
ettercap 0.8.2 A network sniffer/interceptor/logger for ethernet LANs - console
firstorder 8.107eb6a A traffic analyzer to evade Empire communication from Anomaly-Based IDS.
hexinject 1.6 A very versatile packet injector and sniffer that provides a command-line framework for raw network access.
httpry 0.1.8 A specialized packet sniffer designed for displaying and logging HTTP traffic.
httpsniff 0.4 Tool to sniff HTTP responses from TCP/IP based networks and save contained files locally for later review.
hubbit-sniffer 74.460ecf8 Simple application that listens for WIFI-frames and records the mac-address of the sender and posts them to a REST-api.
hungry-interceptor 391.1aea7f3 Intercepts data, does something with it, stores it.
issniff 294.79c6c2a Internet Session Sniffer.
junkie 1365.70a83d6 A modular packet sniffer and analyzer.
katsnoop 0.1 Utility that sniffs HTTP Basic Authentication information and prints the base64 decoded form.
mfsniffer 0.1 A python script for capturing unencrypted TSO login credentials.
mitmer 22.b01c7fe A man-in-the-middle and phishing attack tool that steals the victim's credentials of some web services like Facebook.
mots 5.34017ca Man on the Side Attack - experimental packet injection and detection.
net-creds 58.30b16c0 Sniffs sensitive data from interface or pcap.
netsniff-ng 0.6.5 A high performance Linux network sniffer for packet inspection.
ofp-sniffer 185.6eda211 An OpenFlow sniffer to help network troubleshooting in production networks.
ostinato 0.8 An open-source, cross-platform packet/traffic generator and analyzer with a friendly GUI. It aims to be "Wireshark in Reverse" and thus become complementary to Wireshark.
passivedns 1.2.1 A network sniffer that logs all DNS server replies for use in a passive DNS setup.
pcapteller 1.1 A tool designed for traffic manipulation and replay.
pth-toolkit 7.3641cdc Modified version of the passing-the-hash tool collection made to work straight out of the box.
pytacle alpha2 Automates the task of sniffing GSM frames
sipffer 29.efc3ff1 SIP protocol command line sniffer.
snapception 8.c156f9e Intercept and decrypt all snapchats received over your network.
ssl-phuck3r 2.0 All in one script for Man-In-The-Middle attacks.
ssldump 0.9b3 an SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer
sslsniff 0.8 A tool to MITM all SSL connections on a LAN and dynamically generate certs for the domains that are being accessed on the fly
stenographer 466.6f29347 A packet capture solution which aims to quickly spool all packets to disk, then provide simple, fast access to subsets of those packets.
tcpick 0.2.1 TCP stream sniffer and connection tracker
wifi-monitor 24.33b682e Prints the IPs on your local network that're sending the most packets.
wireshark-cli 2.6.4 Network traffic and protocol analyzer/sniffer - CLI version
wireshark-gtk 2.6.4 Network traffic and protocol analyzer/sniffer - GTK frontend
xcavator 5.bd9e2d8 Man-In-The-Middle and phishing attack tool that steals the victim's credentials of some web services like Facebook.