You can find the BlackArch Linux community in several places. If you need to contact the core development team directly, you can email


You can find all BlackArch Linux code (including build scripts and website source) on our github.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or bugs to report, feel free to post on the issue tracker. We also accept pull requests of all sizes and importance.


Follow us on Twitter! We mainly tweet about new tools, new mirrors, and major project changes.

We also accept bug reports and suggestions through Twitter. Just mention us. We'll respond.


Follow us and subscribe on our YouTube channel! We mainly upload self-made videos about installation, configuration, and major tool usage.

We also accept your videos to our YouTube channel. Just mention us. We'll respond.

IRC & Discord

Come keep us company. We have a little community here. Anything is on topic but the large majority of discussion is related to security and/or BlackArch.

If you need help, this is the best place to ask.

We also have a little bot that notifies the channel of git commits and package updates/additions.

You can find the official BlackArch IRC channel here: #blackarch on Freenode

If you aren't familiar with the protocol IRC, use the webchat of Freenode. Just enter any nickname and the channel #blackarch (don't forget #) for join us now.

You can find the official BlackArch Discord channel here: #blackarch on Discord

Blog & News

We have an on-site blog. The posts are usually more detailed than our Twitter posts and focus on more big project issues.

We also release interesting blog entries about BlackArch Linux, hacking, and security written by users. If you wish to add a blog entry please open a pull request on Github.