Packages that scan selected systems for vulnerabilities or information about the network

Tool count: 295

BlackArch scanner
Name Version Description Homepage
0trace 1.5 A hop enumeration tool.
a2sv 140.cb24c4e Auto Scanning to SSL Vulnerability.
admsnmp 0.1 ADM SNMP audit scanner.
allthevhosts 1.0 A vhost discovery tool that scrapes various web applications.
amass 1714.3d6ea1d In-depth subdomain enumeration written in Go.
apache-users 2.1 This perl script will enumerate the usernames on a unix system that use the apache module UserDir.
assetfinder 19.4e95d87 Find domains and subdomains potentially related to a given domain.
athena-ssl-scanner 0.6.2 A SSL cipher scanner that checks all cipher codes. It can identify about 150 different ciphers.
atscan 2454.b1b241e Server, Site and Dork Scanner.
attk 2.0.1023 Trend Micro Anti-Threat Toolkit.
aws-extender-cli 17.a351154 Script to test S3 buckets as well as Google Storage buckets and Azure Storage containers for common misconfiguration issues.
barmie 1.01 Java RMI enumeration and attack tool.
bashscan 94.80c066c A port scanner built to utilize /dev/tcp for network and service discovery.
belati 72.49577a1 The Traditional Swiss Army Knife for OSINT.
bingoo 3.698132f A Linux bash based Bing and Google Dorking Tool.
birp 65.b2e108a A tool that will assist in the security assessment of mainframe applications served over TN3270.
blackbox-scanner 1.7a25220 Dork scanner & bruteforcing & hash cracker with blackbox framework.
bleah 53.6a2fd3a A BLE scanner for "smart" devices hacking.
blindy 12.59de8f2 Simple script to automate brutforcing blind sql injection vulnerabilities.
bluto 142.25cad7a Recon, Subdomain Bruting, Zone Transfers.
braa 0.82 A mass snmp scanner
cameradar 191.456a150 Hacks its way into RTSP videosurveillance cameras.
camscan 1.0057215 A tool which will analyze the CAM table of Cisco switches to look for anamolies.
cangibrina 123.6de0165 Dashboard Finder.
cecster 5.15544cb A tool to perform security testing against the HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) and HEC (HDMI Ethernet Channel) protocols.
changeme 266.89f59d4 A default credential scanner.
check-weak-dh-ssh 0.1 Debian OpenSSL weak client Diffie-Hellman Exchange checker.
chiron 48.524abe1 An all-in-one IPv6 Penetration Testing Framework.
cipherscan 419.c67f3ee A very simple way to find out which SSL ciphersuites are supported by a target.
ciscos 1.3 Scans class A, B, and C networks for cisco routers which have telnet open and have not changed the default password from cisco.
clair 1369.ce63ff26 Vulnerability Static Analysis for Containers.
climber 30.5530a78 Check UNIX/Linux systems for privilege escalation.
cloudflare-enum 10.412387f Cloudflare DNS Enumeration Tool for Pentesters.
cloudsploit 1003.3fe9cd17 AWS security scanning checks.
cmsmap 8.59dd0e2 A python open source Content Management System scanner that automates the process of detecting security flaws of the most popular CMSs.
configpush 0.8.5 This is a tool to span /8-sized networks quickly sending snmpset requests with default or otherwise specified community string to Cisco devices.
corstest 10.beffd0b A simple CORS misconfigurations checker.
cpfinder 0.1 Simple script that looks for administrative web interfaces.
crackmapexec 675.f5c9bfd A swiss army knife for pentesting Windows/Active Directory environments.
creepy 137.9f60449 A geolocation information gatherer. Offers geolocation information gathering through social networking platforms.
ct-exposer 23.23e8c84 An OSINT tool that discovers sub-domains by searching Certificate Transparency logs.
cvechecker 4.0 The goal of cvechecker is to report about possible vulnerabilities on your system, by scanning the installed software and matching the results with the CVE database.
d-tect 13.9555c25 Pentesting the Modern Web.
darkbing 0.1 A tool written in python that leverages bing for mining data on systems that may be susceptible to SQL injection.
davtest 3.a282c58 Tests WebDAV enabled servers by uploading test executable files, and then (optionally) uploading files which allow for command execution or other actions directly on the target.
dbusmap 16.6bb2831 Simple utility for enumerating D-Bus endpoints, an nmap for D-Bus.
dcrawl 7.3273c35 Simple, but smart, multi-threaded web crawler for randomly gathering huge lists of unique domain names.
deblaze 1.0608dc3 Performs method enumeration and interrogation against flash remoting end points.
delldrac 0.1a DellDRAC and Dell Chassis Discovery and Brute Forcer.
dhcpig 92.9fd8df5 Enhanced DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 exhaustion and fuzzing script written in python using scapy network library.
dirb 2.22 A web content scanner, brute forceing for hidden files.
dirbuster 1.0_RC1 An application designed to brute force directories and files names on web/application servers
dirscanner 0.1 This is a python script that scans webservers looking for administrative directories, php shells, and more.
dirstalk 1.3.3 Modern alternative to dirbuster/dirb.
dmitry 1.3a Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool.
dnmap 0.6 The distributed nmap framework.
dns2geoip 0.1 A simple python script that brute forces DNS and subsequently geolocates the found subdomains.
dnsa 0.6 A dns security swiss army knife.
dnsbf 0.3 Search for available domain names in an IP range.
dnsgoblin 0.1 Nasty creature constantly searching for DNS servers. It uses standard dns querys and waits for the replies.
dnspredict 0.0.2 DNS prediction.
dnstwist 406.35eff26 Domain name permutation engine for detecting typo squatting, phishing and corporate espionage.
dockerscan 59.590a844 Docker security analysis & hacking tools.
dorkbot 157.b5d7e7d Command-line tool to scan Google search results for vulnerabilities.
dorkme 57.0a7017a Tool designed with the purpose of making easier the searching of vulnerabilities with Google Dorks, such as SQL Injection vulnerabilities.
dpscan 0.1 Drupal Vulnerability Scanner.
driftnet v1.3.0.r13.ge492335 Listens to network traffic and picks out images from TCP streams it observes.
dripper v1.r1.gc9bb0c9 A fast, asynchronous DNS scanner; it can be used for enumerating subdomains and enumerating boxes via reverse DNS.
dvcs-ripper 54.2c1bbc6 Rip web accessible (distributed) version control systems: SVN/GIT/BZR/CVS/HG.
eazy 0.1 This is a small python tool that scans websites to look for PHP shells, backups, admin panels, and more.
enum-shares 7.97cba5a Tool that enumerates shared folders across the network and under a custom user account.
enumiax 1.0 An IAX enumerator.
eternal-scanner 90.510be17 An internet scanner for exploit CVE-0144 (Eternal Blue).
faradaysec 10709.4f40656f9 Collaborative Penetration Test and Vulnerability Management Platform.
fernmelder 6.c6d4ebe Asynchronous mass DNS scanner.
fgscanner 11.893372c An advanced, opensource URL scanner.
fi6s 170.5073aee IPv6 network scanner designed to be fast.
find-dns 0.1 A tool that scans networks looking for DNS servers.
flashscanner 11.6815b02 Flash XSS Scanner.
flunym0us 2.0 A Vulnerability Scanner for Wordpress and Moodle.
forkingportscanner 1 Simple and fast forking port scanner written in perl. Can only scan on host at a time, the forking is done on the specified port range. Or on the default range of 1. Has the ability to scan UDP or TCP, defaults to tcp.
fs-nyarl 1.0 A network takeover & forensic analysis tool - useful to advanced PenTest tasks & for fun and profit.
fscan 1.6.3.r28.gc9381a6 A Security Auditing Tool.
fsnoop 3.4 A tool to monitor file operations on GNU/Linux systems by using the Inotify mechanism. Its primary purpose is to help detecting file race condition vulnerabilities and since version 3, to exploit them with loadable DSO modules (also called "payload modules" or "paymods").
ftp-spider 1.0 FTP investigation tool - Scans ftp server for the following: reveal entire directory tree structures, detect anonymous access, detect directories with write permissions, find user specified data within repository.
ftpscout 12.cf1dff1 Scans ftps for anonymous access.
gcpbucketbrute 16.5fe33df A script to enumerate Google Storage buckets, determine what access you have to them, and determine if they can be privilege escalated.
gethsploit 3.144778b Finding Ethereum nodes which are vulnerable to RPC-attacks.
gggooglescan 0.4 A Google scraper which performs automated searches and returns results of search queries in the form of URLs or hostnames.
ghost-phisher 1.62 GUI suite for phishing and penetration attacks
git-dump 7.4c9a2a9 Dump the contents of a remote git repository without directory listing enabled.
git-dumper 46.d93bc9a A tool to dump a git repository from a website.
gitrob 7.7be4c53 Reconnaissance tool for GitHub organizations.
gloom 93.cd6e927 Linux Penetration Testing Framework.
grabbb 0.0.7 Clean, functional, and fast banner scanner.
greenbone-security-assistant 9.0.1 Greenbone Security Assistant (gsa) - OpenVAS web frontend
grepforrfi 0.1 Simple script for parsing web logs for RFIs and Webshells v1.2
grype 0.13.0 A vulnerability scanner for container images and filesystems.
gtp-scan 0.7 A small python script that scans for GTP (GPRS tunneling protocol) speaking hosts.
gvmd 8.0.1 greenbone-vulnerability-manager
h2buster 79.6c4dd1c A threaded, recursive, web directory brute-force scanner over HTTP/2.
habu 358.3fd2f9a Python Network Hacking Toolkit.
hakku 384.bbb434d Simple framework that has been made for penetration testing tools.
halberd 0.2.4 Halberd discovers HTTP load balancers. It is useful for web application security auditing and for load balancer configuration testing.
hbad 1.0 This tool allows you to test clients on the heartbleed bug.
hellraiser 253.46b08eb Vulnerability Scanner.
hikpwn 7.7fc1465 A simple scanner for Hikvision devices with basic vulnerability scanning capabilities written in Python 3.8.
homepwn 31.0803981 Swiss Army Knife for Pentesting of IoT Devices.
hoppy 1.8.1 A python script which tests http methods for configuration issues leaking information or just to see if they are enabled.
host-extract 8.0134ad7 Ruby script tries to extract all IP/Host patterns in page response of a given URL and JavaScript/CSS files of that URL.
hsecscan 64.3089ac2 A security scanner for HTTP response headers.
http-enum 0.4 A tool to enumerate the enabled HTTP methods supported on a webserver.
httprobe 22.5555984 Take a list of domains and probe for working HTTP and HTTPS servers
httpsscanner 1.2 A tool to test the strength of a SSL web server.
iaxscan 0.02 A Python based scanner for detecting live IAX/2 hosts and then enumerating (by bruteforce) users on those hosts.
icmpquery 1.0 Send and receive ICMP queries for address mask and current time.
iis-shortname-scanner 5.4ad4937 An IIS shortname Scanner.
ike-scan 1.9 A tool that uses IKE protocol to discover, fingerprint and test IPSec VPN servers
ilo4-toolbox 43.6a494fe Toolbox for HPE iLO4 analysis.
infip 0.1 A python script that checks output from netstat against RBLs from Spamhaus.
inurlbr 34.dbf9773 Advanced search in the search engines - Inurl scanner, dorker, exploiter.
ipscan 3.7.6 A very fast IP address and port scanner.
iptv 136.de37822 Search and brute force illegal iptv server.
ipv6toolkit 805.babee5e SI6 Networks' IPv6 Toolkit.
jaadas 0.1 Joint Advanced Defect assEsment for android applications.
knock 65.f2b584d Subdomain scanner.
knxmap 250.92f45dd KNXnet/IP scanning and auditing tool for KNX home automation installations.
krbrelayx 21.d6a2738 Kerberos unconstrained delegation abuse toolkit.
kube-hunter 679.83b19d4 Hunt for security weaknesses in Kubernetes clusters.
kubestriker 39.e1776ea A Blazing fast Security Auditing tool for Kubernetes.
laf 12.7a456b3 Login Area Finder: scans host/s for login panels.
ldapdomaindump 0.9.3 Active Directory information dumper via LDAP.
leaklooker 5.0d2b9fc Find open databases with Shodan.
letmefuckit-scanner 3.f3be22b Scanner and Exploit Magento.
leviathan 35.a1a1d8c A mass audit toolkit which has wide range service discovery, brute force, SQL injection detection and running custom exploit capabilities.
lfi-scanner 4.0 This is a simple perl script that enumerates local file inclusion attempts when given a specific target.
lfisuite 85.470e01f Totally Automatic LFI Exploiter (+ Reverse Shell) and Scanner.
linenum 75.c47f9b2 Scripted Local Linux Enumeration & Privilege Escalation Checks
linux-smart-enumeration 188.9502685 Linux enumeration tool for pentesting and CTFs with verbosity levels.
littleblackbox 0.1.3 Penetration testing tool, search in a collection of thousands of private SSL keys extracted from various embedded devices.
locasploit 117.fa48151 Local enumeration and exploitation framework.
lotophagi 0.1 a relatively compact Perl script designed to scan remote hosts for default (or common) Lotus NSF and BOX databases.
lte-cell-scanner 57.5fa3df8 LTE SDR cell scanner optimized to work with very low performance RF front ends (8bit A/D, 20dB noise figure).
lunar 684.94a4b9d A UNIX security auditing tool based on several security frameworks.
lynis 3.0.5 Security and system auditing tool to harden Unix/Linux systems
maligno 2.5 An open source penetration testing tool written in python, that serves Metasploit payloads. It generates shellcode with msfvenom and transmits it over HTTP or HTTPS.
maryam 715.1c1b2b3 Full-featured Web Identification framework written in Python.
masscan 1.3.2 TCP port scanner, spews SYN packets asynchronously, scanning entire Internet in under 5 minutes
mitm6 25.7184af6 Pwning IPv4 via IPv6.
modscan 0.1 A new tool designed to map a SCADA MODBUS TCP based network.
mongoaudit 222.70b83e8 A powerful MongoDB auditing and pentesting tool .
mqtt-pwn 43.40368e5 A one-stop-shop for IoT Broker penetration-testing and security assessment operations.
mssqlscan 0.8.4 A small multi-threaded tool that scans for Microsoft SQL Servers.
multiscanner 1559.86e0145 Modular file scanning/analysis framework.
naabu 374.b5437c0 A fast port scanner written in go with focus on reliability and simplicity.
nbtscan 36.8ab6a70 Scan networks for NetBIOS name information.
netbios-share-scanner 1.0 This tool could be used to check windows workstations and servers if they have accessible shared resources.
netscan 1.0 Tcp/Udp/Tor port scanner with: synpacket, connect TCP/UDP and socks5 (tor connection).
netscan2 58.a1db723 Active / passive network scanner.
netz v0.1.0.r8.g3754e56 Discover internet-wide misconfigurations while drinking coffee.
nikto 2.1.6 A web server scanner which performs comprehensive tests against web servers for multiple items
nili 39.285220a Tool for Network Scan, Man in the Middle, Protocol Reverse Engineering and Fuzzing.
nmap 7.92 Utility for network discovery and security auditing
nmbscan 1.2.6 Tool to scan the shares of a SMB/NetBIOS network, using the NMB/SMB/NetBIOS protocols.
nray 59.30517fd Distributed port scanner.
nsec3map 20.1263537 A tool to enumerate the resource records of a DNS zone using its DNSSEC NSEC or NSEC3 chain.
nsia 1.0.6 A website scanner that monitors websites in realtime in order to detect defacements, compliance violations, exploits, sensitive information disclosure and other issues.
ntlm-challenger 3.e7d3ba8 Parse NTLM over HTTP challenge messages.
ntlm-scanner 6.4b29329 A simple python tool based on Impacket that tests servers for various known NTLM vulnerabilities.
ntlmrecon 71.357b094 A tool to enumerate information from NTLM authentication enabled web endpoints.
nuclei-templates 9642.d08dd4b3 Community curated list of template files for the nuclei engine.
o-saft 4323.618cece A tool to show informations about SSL certificate and tests the SSL connection according given list of ciphers and various SSL configurations.
ocs 0.2 Compact mass scanner for Cisco routers with default telnet/enable passwords.
onetwopunch v1.0.0.r2.gd4ab4e8 Use unicornscan to quickly scan all open ports, and then pass the open ports to nmap for detailed scans.
onionscan 130.da42865 Scan Onion Services for Security Issues.
openvas 6.0.1 The OpenVAS scanning Daemon.
pagodo 98.da32f63 Google dork script to collect potentially vulnerable web pages and applications on the Internet.
paketto 1.10 Advanced TCP/IP Toolkit.
panhunt 63.ec87e88 Searches for credit card numbers (PANs) in directories.
paranoic 1.7 A simple vulnerability scanner written in Perl.
passhunt 5.332f374 Search drives for documents containing passwords.
pbscan 10.566c3d7 Faster and more efficient stateless SYN scanner and banner grabber due to userland TCP/IP stack usage.
pcredz 66.0b6df2b A tool that extracts credit card numbers, NTLM(DCE-RPC, HTTP, SQL, LDAP, etc), Kerberos (AS-REQ Pre-Auth etype 23), HTTP Basic, SNMP, POP, SMTP, FTP, IMAP, and more from a pcap file or from a live interface.
peass 1052.14def5b Privilege Escalation Awesome Scripts SUITE (with colors).
pentestly 1798.93d1b39 Python and Powershell internal penetration testing framework.
plcscan 0.1 This is a tool written in Python that will scan for PLC devices over s7comm or modbus protocols.
pnscan 1.14.1 A parallel network scanner that can be used to survey TCP network services.
poison 1.5.41 A fast, asynchronous syn and udp scanner.
ppscan 0.3 Yet another port scanner with HTTP and FTP tunneling support.
prads 1132.e631f4f A "Passive Real-time Asset Detection System".
praeda 48.1dc2220 An automated data/information harvesting tool designed to gather critical information from various embedded devices.
proxycheck 0.1 This is a simple proxy tool that checks for the HTTP CONNECT method and grabs verbose output from a webserver.
proxyscan 0.3 A security penetration testing tool to scan for hosts and ports through a Web proxy server.
pyssltest 9.d7703f0 A python multithreaded script to make use of Qualys ssllabs api to test SSL flaws.
pytbull 2.1 A python based flexible IDS/IPS testing framework shipped with more than 300 tests.
pythem 454.e4fcb8a Python2 penetration testing framework.
python2-ldapdomaindump 0.9.3 Active Directory information dumper via LDAP.
ranger-scanner 149.3aae5dd A tool to support security professionals to access and interact with remote Microsoft Windows based systems.
rawr 74.544dd75 Rapid Assessment of Web Resources. A web enumerator.
rdp-cipher-checker 0.1 Enumerate the encryption protocols supported by the server and the cipher strengths supported using native RDP encryption.
rdp-sec-check 11.d0cc143 Script to enumerate security settings of an RDP Service.
relay-scanner 1.7 An SMTP relay scanner.
responder 401.3fe5746 A LLMNR and NBT-NS poisoner, with built-in HTTP/SMB/MSSQL/FTP/LDAP rogue authentication server supporting NTLMv1/NTLMv2/LMv2 (multirelay version).
retire 3.0.2.r0.g3278652 Scanner detecting the use of JavaScript libraries with known vulnerabilities.
routerhunter 21.4da257c Tool used to find vulnerable routers and devices on the Internet and perform tests.
rtlizer 35.5614163 Simple spectrum analyzer.
rtlsdr-scanner 1013.3c032de A cross platform Python frequency scanning GUI for the OsmoSDR rtl-sdr library.
rustscan 648.a444ab6 Faster Nmap Scanning with Rust.
s3scanner 405.6f7a679 Scan for open S3 buckets and dump.
sambascan 0.5.0 Allows you to search an entire network or a number of hosts for SMB shares. It will also list the contents of all public shares that it finds.
sandcastle 73.10af7c7 A Python script for AWS S3 bucket enumeration.
sandmap 579.a7c4860 Simple CLI with the ability to run pure Nmap engine, 31 modules with 459 scan profiles.
sandy 6.531ab16 An open-source Samsung phone encryption assessment framework
sb0x 19.04f40fe A simple and Lightweight framework for Penetration testing.
scamper 20200923 A tool that actively probes the Internet in order to analyze topology and performance.
scanless 85.d775b0c Utility for using websites that can perform port scans on your behalf.
scanssh 2.1 Fast SSH server and open proxy scanner.
scout2 1182.5d86d46 Security auditing tool for AWS environments.
scoutsuite 5497.b9b8e201 Multi-Cloud Security Auditing Tool.
scrape-dns 58.3df392f Searches for interesting cached DNS entries.
sdnpwn 58.b1db5b9 An SDN penetration testing toolkit.
seat 0.3 Next generation information digging application geared toward the needs of security professionals. It uses information stored in search engine databases, cache repositories, and other public resources to scan web sites for potential vulnerabilities.
shareenum 46.3bfa81d Tool to enumerate shares from Windows hosts.
sharesniffer 52.7f8a372 Network share sniffer and auto-mounter for crawling remote file systems.
simple-lan-scan 1.0 A simple python script that leverages scapy for discovering live hosts on a network.
sipshock 7.6ab5591 A scanner for SIP proxies vulnerable to Shellshock.
slurp-scanner 90.6a4eaaf Evaluate the security of S3 buckets.
smbexec 59.a54fc14 A rapid psexec style attack with samba tools.
smbmap 145.5c98c5f A handy SMB enumeration tool.
smbspider 10.7db9323 A lightweight python utility for searching SMB/CIFS/Samba file shares.
smod 53.7eb8423 A modular framework with every kind of diagnostic and offensive feature you could need in order to pentest modbus protocol.
smtp-test 5.d8d8598 Automated testing of SMTP servers for penetration testing.
smtp-vrfy 1.0 An SMTP Protocol Hacker.
smtptx 1.0 A very simple tool used for sending simple email and do some basic email testing from a pentester perspective.
snmpenum 1.7 An snmp enumerator.
snmpscan 0.1 A free, multi-processes SNMP scanner.
snoopbrute 17.589fbe6 Multithreaded DNS recursive host brute-force tool.
sparta 21.b0a4514 Python GUI application which simplifies network infrastructure penetration testing by aiding the penetration tester in the scanning and enumeration phase.
sqlivulscan 249.cc8e657 This will give you the SQLi Vulnerable Website Just by Adding the Dork.
ssdp-scanner 1.0 SSDP amplification scanner written in Python. Makes use of Scapy.
ssh-audit 2.5.0 SSH server and client configuration auditing
ssh-user-enum 7.ae453c1 SSH User Enumeration Script in Python Using The Timing Attack.
sslcaudit 524.f218b9b Utility to perform security audits of SSL/TLS clients.
ssllabs-scan 249.a7f3d49 Command-line client for the SSL Labs APIs
sslmap 0.2.0 A lightweight TLS/SSL cipher suite scanner.
sslscan 2.0.10 A fast tool to scan SSL services such as HTTPS to determine supported ciphers
sslscan2 623.aa0f6c2 Tests SSL/TLS enabled services to discover supported cipher suites.
sticky-keys-hunter 15.c816fc9 Script to test an RDP host for sticky keys and utilman backdoor.
stig-viewer 2.8 XCCDF formatted SRGs and STIGs files viewer for SCAP validation tools.
strutscan 4.8712c12 Apache Struts2 vulnerability scanner written in Perl.
subbrute 1.2.1 A DNS meta-query spider that enumerates DNS records and subdomains
subjack 182.49c51e5 Subdomain Takeover tool written in Go.
subover 71.3d258e2 A Powerful Subdomain Takeover Tool.
swarm 41.1713c1e A distributed penetration testing tool.
synscan 5.02 fast asynchronous half-open TCP portscanner
sysdig 0.27.1 Open source system-level exploration and troubleshooting tool
tachyon-scanner 458.ca392a8 Fast Multi-Threaded Web Discovery Tool.
tactical-exploitation 84.2074aa2 Modern tactical exploitation toolkit.
taipan 2.7 Web application security scanner.
takeover 98.a058647 Sub-Domain TakeOver Vulnerability Scanner.
topera 19.3e230fd An IPv6 security analysis toolkit, with the particularity that their attacks can't be detected by Snort.
traxss 81.48dee2e Automated XSS Vulnerability Scanner.
trivy 579.da905108 A Simple and Comprehensive Vulnerability Scanner for Containers, Suitable for CI.
udsim 25.df19f07 A graphical simulator that can emulate different modules in a vehicle and respond to UDS request.
umap 25.3ad8121 The USB host security assessment tool.
unicornscan 0.4.7 A new information gathering and correlation engine.
upnpscan 0.4 Scans the LAN or a given address range for UPnP capable devices.
uptux 33.85ccfd0 Linux privilege escalation checks (systemd, dbus, socket fun, etc).
uw-loveimap 0.1 Multi threaded imap bounce scanner.
uw-udpscan 0.1 Multi threaded udp scanner.
uw-zone 0.1 Multi threaded, randomized IP zoner.
v3n0m 359.cdb54c1 A tool to automate mass SQLi d0rk scans and Metasploit Vulns.
vais 17.5c35c3a SWF Vulnerability & Information Scanner.
vault-scanner 299.0303cf4 Swiss army knife for hackers.
vcsmap 47.3889964 A plugin-based tool to scan public version control systems for sensitive information.
vhostscan 338.4a3a1ee A virtual host scanner that can be used with pivot tools, detect catch-all scenarios, aliases and dynamic default pages.
videosnarf 0.63 A new security assessment tool for pcap analysis
visql 49.3082e30 Scan SQL vulnerability on target site and sites of on server.
vscan 10.da4e47e HTTPS / Vulnerability scanner.
vulmap 95.a167c47 Vulmap Online Local Vulnerability Scanners Project
vuls 1106.e3c27e1 Vulnerability scanner for Linux/FreeBSD, agentless, written in Go.
vulscan 2.0 A module which enhances nmap to a vulnerability scanner
wafw00f 824.6a67992 Identify and fingerprint Web Application Firewall (WAF) products protecting a website.
webenum 21.24b43b4 Tool to enumerate http responses using dynamically generated queries and more.
webhunter 12.918b606 Tool for scanning web applications and networks and easily completing the process of collecting knowledge.
webpwn3r 35.3fb27bb A python based Web Applications Security Scanner.
webrute 3.3 Web server directory brute forcer.
whitewidow 605.4f27bfe SQL Vulnerability Scanner.
wolpertinger 2.58ef8e2 A distributed portscanner.
wordpresscan 76.f810c1c WPScan rewritten in Python + some WPSeku ideas.
xcname 11.9c475a1 A tool for enumerating expired domains in CNAME records.
xpire-crossdomain-scanner 1.0cb8d3b Scans crossdomain.xml policies for expired domain names.
xsstracer 5.f2ed21a Python script that checks remote web servers for Clickjacking, Cross-Frame Scripting, Cross-Site Tracing and Host Header Injection.
yasat 848 Yet Another Stupid Audit Tool.
zmap 2.1.1 Fast network scanner designed for Internet-wide network surveys