Packages that act as "honeypots", ie programs that appear to be vulnerable services used to attract hackers into a trap

Tool count: 16

BlackArch honeypot
Name Version Description Homepage
beeswarm 1183.db51ea0 Honeypot deployment made easy
conpot 0.6.0 ICS honeypot with the goal to collect intelligence about the motives and methods of adversaries targeting industrial control systems.
fakeap 0.3.2 Black Alchemy's Fake AP generates thousands of counterfeit 802.11b access points. Hide in plain sight amongst Fake AP's cacophony of beacon frames.
fiked 0.0.5 Fake IDE daemon
heartbleed-honeypot 0.1 Script that listens on TCP port 443 and responds with completely bogus SSL heartbeat responses, unless it detects the start of a byte pattern similar to that used in Jared Stafford's
honeyd 337.a0f3d64 A small daemon that creates virtual hosts on a network.
honeypy 600.6ca3d6e A low interaction Honeypot.
honssh 204.821ce87 A high-interaction Honey Pot solution designed to log all SSH communications between a client and server.
hpfeeds 414.34bf4d4 Honeynet Project generic authenticated datafeed protocol.
kippo 287.b9eb06a A medium interaction SSH honeypot designed to log brute force attacks and most importantly, the entire shell interaction by the attacker.
pshitt 23.dae7931 A lightweight fake SSH server designed to collect authentication data sent by intruders.
python2-hpfeeds 414.34bf4d4 Honeynet Project generic authenticated datafeed protocol.
snare 187.08c69b7 Super Next generation Advanced Reactive honeypot.
ssh-honeypot 109.6307259 Fake sshd that logs ip addresses, usernames, and passwords.
wifi-honey 1.0 A management tool for wifi honeypots.
wordpot 44.e96889b A Wordpress Honeypot.