Packages that exploit fingerprint biometric equipment.

Tool count: 30

BlackArch fingerprint
Name Version Description Homepage
asp-audit 2BETA An ASP fingerprinting tool and vulnerability scanner.
blindelephant 7 A web application fingerprinter. Attempts to discover the version of a (known) web application by comparing static files at known locations
cms-explorer 15.23b58cd Designed to reveal the specific modules, plugins, components and themes that various cms driven websites are running.
complemento 0.7.6 A collection of tools for pentester: LetDown is a powerful tcp flooder ReverseRaider is a domain scanner that use wordlist scanning or reverse resolution scanning Httsquash is an http server scanner, banner grabber and data retriever
detectem 276.bc5f073 Detect software and its version on websites.
dhcpf 3.a770b20 Passive DHCP fingerprinting implementation.
dnsmap 0.30 Passive DNS network mapper
fl0p 0.1 A passive L7 flow fingerprinter that examines TCP/UDP/ICMP packet sequences, can peek into cryptographic tunnels, can tell human beings and robots apart, and performs a couple of other infosec-related tricks.
fpdns 108.2a898bf Program that remotely determines DNS server versions.
ftpmap 52.cbeabbe Scans remote FTP servers to identify what software and what versions they are running.
htrosbif 134.9dc3f86 Active HTTP server fingerprinting and recon tool.
httprint 301 A web server fingerprinting tool.
lbmap 147.2d15ace Proof of concept scripts for advanced web application fingerprinting, presented at OWASP AppSecAsia 2012.
mwebfp 16.a800b98 Mass Web Fingerprinter.
neighbor-cache-fingerprinter 83.f1e596f An ARP based Operating System version scanner.
nimbostratus 54.c7c206f Tools for fingerprintinging and exploiting Amazon cloud infrastructures.
ntp-fingerprint 0.1 An active fingerprinting utility specifically designed to identify the OS the NTP server is running on.
operative 148.163acdf Framework based on fingerprint action, this tool is used for get information on a website or a enterprise target with multiple modules (Viadeo search,Linkedin search, Reverse email whois, Reverse ip whois, SQL file forensics ...).
p0f 3.09b Purely passive TCP/IP traffic fingerprinting tool
propecia 2 A fast class scanner that scans for a specified open port with banner grabbing
scannerl 15.e52c46b The modular distributed fingerprinting engine.
sinfp 1.24 A full operating system stack fingerprinting suite.
smtpmap 0.8.234_BETA Tool to identify the running smtp software on a given host.
smtpscan 0.5 An SMTP scanner
spartan 23.babdd7d Frontpage and Sharepoint fingerprinting and attack tool.
thcrut 1.2.5 Network discovery and OS Fingerprinting tool.
tls-fingerprinting 257.4b6e878 Tool and scripts to perform TLS Fingerprinting.
tls-prober 286.72b1029 A tool to fingerprint SSL/TLS servers.
xprobe2 0.3 An active OS fingerprinting tool.
zgrab2 599.1e97dd8 Go Application Layer Scanner.