Packages that allow the user to view what a particular program is "doing" in realtime.

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BlackArch debugger
Name Version Description Homepage
edb 3136.f62da4c7 A cross platform AArch32/x86/x86 debugger.
electric-fence 2.2.5 A malloc(3) debugger that uses virtual memory hardware to detect illegal memory accesses.
gdb 9.2 The GNU Debugger
gdb-common 9.2 The GNU Debugger
gdbgui 397.b4ebeee Browser-based gdb frontend using Flask and JavaScript to visually debug C, C++, Go, or Rust.
gef 1828.1d5cffd Multi-Architecture GDB Enhanced Features for Exploiters & Reverse-Engineers.
lldb 10.0.0 Next generation, high-performance debugger
ollydbg 201g A 32-bit assembler-level analysing debugger.
peda 1.1 Python Exploit Development Assistance for GDB
pwndbg 2019.12.09 Makes debugging with GDB suck less
rr 5220.0c4901ab A Record and Replay Framework.
shellnoob 30.c923d5e A toolkit that eases the writing and debugging of shellcode.
vivisect 1534.da4037c A Python based static analysis and reverse engineering framework, Vdb is a Python based research/reversing focused debugger and programatic debugging API by invisigoth of kenshoto
voltron 608.0b7a2fb UI for GDB, LLDB and Vivisect's VDB.