Packages that audit existing source code for vulnerability analysis.

Tool count: 14

BlackArch code-audit
Name Version Description Homepage
bof-detector 19.e08367d A simple detector of BOF vulnerabilities by source-code-level check.
cflow 1.5 A C program flow analyzer.
cppcheck 1.86 A tool for static C/C++ code analysis
cpptest 1.1.2 A portable and powerful, yet simple, unit testing framework for handling automated tests in C++.
dscanner 0.6.0 Swiss-army knife for D source code
flawfinder 2.0.7 Searches through source code for potential security flaws
graudit 318.9f84cf5 Grep rough source code auditing tool.
mosca 112.7d33611 Static analysis tool to find bugs like a grep unix command.
pfff 0.29 Tools and APIs for code analysis, visualization and transformation
pscan 1.3 A limited problem scanner for C source files
shellcheck 0.6.0 Shell script analysis tool
splint 3.1.2.git20180129 A tool for statically checking C programs for security vulnerabilities and coding mistakes
wscript 200.cdba153 Emulator/tracer of the Windows Script Host functionality.
yasca 2.1 Multi-Language Static Analysis Toolset.