ARM Support and New ISOs03 Mar 2014

BlackArch now has ARM support. Currently, there are 570 tools in the armv6h repo and 580 tools in the armv7h repo. We are working to close the gap between the ARM repos and the x86_64 and i686 repos. Expect to see over 600 tools in each ARM repo within a week or two.

Soon, we will release ARM images for various devices including the Raspberry Pi and Pandaboard.

We also released new ISOs today. The new ISOs make the following changes:
  • - package: added zathura
  • - package: added lsof
  • - package: added pkgfile
  • - disabled pc speaker beep
  • - added initial /etc/motd with notes
  • - vim: removed alias of vi="vim"
  • - vim: disabled remap of ':'
  • - vim: set ttimeoutlen=100 and strap.sh20 Feb 2014

BlackArch now comes with, a script to establish network connections with the option to spoof MAC addresses, hostnames, clientids, etc.

Also, we simplified the installation instructions with a new script:

New keyring1 Jan 2014

All existing users must follow the new installation instructions, including step 0.
We switched to a more robust keyring. The new keyring is a modification of the keyring used by the Arch Linux developers.

Live ISOs, Status, and Futures12 Jan 2014

BlackArch Linux is an Arch-based GNU/Linux distribution for pentesters and security researchers. The BlackArch package repository is compatible with existing Arch installs.

Here are some of BlackArch's features:

  • - Support for i686 and x86_64 architectures
  • - Over 600 tools (constantly increasing)
  • - Modular package groups
  • - A live ISO with multiple window managers, including dwm, Fluxbox, Openbox, Awesome, wmii, i3, and Spectrwm.
  • - An installer with the ability to build from source.

Soon we will release:

  • - ARM support
  • - Documentation for all tools

We are also releasing a tool to fetch and search exploit archives called sploitctl. Nullsecurity is an official supporter of BlackArch Linux. We have a relaxed development structure. We welcome pull requests of all sizes through Github and email. Also see our website, Twitter account, and IRC channel

Please report bugs and feature/tool requests through Github, email, twitter, or IRC. Feel free to post requests for your own tools.

Major release and site redesign!28 Dec 2013

We redesigned our website. We hope you like the new style.

We also released a bunch of new tools. There are over 600 tools in the repo now. The full list of tools is here.

Updates to Pacman.conf!20 Dec 2013

We changed the directory structure of the repository. Please modify your pacman.conf files like so:

Server =$repo/os/$arch

The repository directory structure now resembles that of the official Arch repositories. The new structure will make it easier for mirrors to sync with our repository.

We did it!24 Nov 2013

Thanks to everyone's interest in this project we finally pissed off our ISP! It makes us happy to know that so many people appreciate our hard work and are using BlackArch Linux. We have managed to push a record 1.2TB a month of traffic and downloads. The shiny new server is up and alive, thank you for being patient with us. We are currently replicating mirrors across the USA to help with any potential future disruptions. For the latest updates please come back and visit us or follow us on twitter. Thanks everyone!

Securabit Podcast16 Sep 2013

We're on Securabit Podcast. Thanks to Chris Gerling, Chris Mills, and Mike Bailey for having me as a guest. You can listen to the podcast or download it. They have relaunched their virtual lab environment Gh0st Networks, it's a great free tool for the community to help grow a more secure internet. Their philosphy is screw all the "hats", Gh0st Networks is about learning, exploring, exploiting and connecting in a world where finance and politics are now a few of the motives behind the creation of malware today. Research and reverse engineer these plagues towards the common goal of a secure internet.

Extended downtime25 Aug 2013

We're continuing work to upgrade our infrastructure, as a part of this improvement our domain service provider experienced some issues which resulted in slow proprogation of our DNS records across the globe. This was the root cause of our extended downtime. This issue has now been corrected, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Speak candidly24 Aug 2013

We have recently relocated all tools in the repository to comply with FHS. We would like to hear from anyone that was familiar with the /pentest path structure and how they feel about the current format. Did anyone depend on /pentest to remember what tools you have in your arsenal? Do you prefer having all tools available to you in your $PATH? Please feel free to comment below and speak your mind!